Shell Suite by Chad Valley November Songs

Covert Novelist

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It is a mystery, the things that keep calling me back

Down paths once taken, along the old dirt track

Memories so happy and full of fun

We laughed and joked whether in rain or  sun

Without a thought of what was to come

We danced the beat of a different drum

I hear it often throughout the day

And if for every thought of you, a big bouquet

There would never be enough room to hold them all

I’m sure I’d need a giant banquet hall

The way that we were then

I wished we could be once again

Forever, together, we promised we’de stay

Alas, we got lost somewhere along the way

Now often, memories of us I keep

Locked away until I sleep

Thoughts of you shall keep me warm

For there at least we had great form

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Weighted Blankets

Chuck and Paulette had to sell the house after they retired because the taxes were killing them. They made sure the new condo had an extra room, but they also made sure to call it the guest room, hoping their youngest, Bonnie, would take the hint. She was what Paulette called “slow to fly.” Her part-time job selling flowers out of the back of her truck wouldn’t pay for an apartment, and she was too set in her ways to have a roommate. But when Bonnie got a look at the new digs—fold out couch, no closet space—she stepped up her visits to the bulletin board in the plaza where she parked her flower truck. It was the only board in town, sometimes one thumbtack managing a stack of flyers six sheets deep. She looked for anything remotely possible, but there wasn’t much opportunity for self-improvement in Many Brooks, where…

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Armistice Day #writephoto — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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Prompt #1906 First Line of the Week – Charles Williams — The Writing Reader

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