Daily Picture Prompt 3


Write a poem or story using this picture. Link back to this post from your blog or leave in the comment section below.

Published by Henrietta Watson

Hello my name is Henrietta Watson. I am a mother of a 30 year old daughter and a 23 year old son. I also have a 5 year old granddaughter and a 3 year old granddaughter.I am a Security Officer. I also write short stories, blogs and poems. I like cooking,grilling,fishing,skating,playing billiards,going out to eat and going to see movies.

6 thoughts on “Daily Picture Prompt 3


    Michael, Clara, Ben and Julie curled at a corner shaking and sweating. They were numb as their hearts raced. Julie held her palms over her face as she prayed. Her eyes welled with tears and she let them flow freely down her face. Clara couldn’t focus. Her eyes darted rapidly corner to corner as she occasionally let out a whimper. Ben stood frozen to the ground. He could hear his heart pound against his chest. His eyes were shut as he prepared for the worst. He had already accepted his fate and all he could do was wait. Michael was the brave one of the four. He held a knife and tried to focus. All his muscles were numb. He tried to fight off the fear but he couldn’t. He shut his eyes forcefully and opened them widely as he shook his head. “Oh God’’, was all he could whisper.

    The summer holidays had finally begun. This was the favorite time of the year for four best friends; Michael, Clara, Ben and Julie. Apart from school being closed, they finally had the chance to go for vacations and trips together and every other activity that they so desired. The four had been best friends for more than four years. They had since become inseparable; A bond that grew tighter each day.

    Summer 2014 was well planned for. After a strenuous semester the four had planned to go on a one week road trip. Michael had a Honda car that he had received as his 16th birthday gift and it was just the perfect car for the trip. Their route was well planned out. None of them could wait to get it started.

    They set out early Saturday morning. Clothes, food, drinks and snacks were all in place. Michael took to the wheel as the rest broke out into a song. They chuckled and giggled as they told stories, one after the other. They would occasionally stop to take pictures they switched drivers. Evening came and they were all tired. They were at a stretch of inhabited area. They knew this place. There was a town just two miles ahead and this is where they planned to spend the night.

    They were approaching a corner when Michael suddenly brought the car to a halt. There was a huge fallen tree right in the middle of the road. They all sighed. This was the last thing they needed. They went up to it and tried to move it to no avail. It was too heavy. Night was approaching fast. The only option everyone could think about was taking a detour across the woods. It was a scary thought but it was the only option at that moment.

    Michael knew his way maneuvering the woods. The road eventually led them to a large green farm looked shabby and uncared for. They didn’t know where they were. Julie spotted a large wooden house at the further corner of the field much to their joy. They drove there hoping there was someone there who could direct them. They walked to the door and knocked. No answer. They called. No response. Julie pushed the door. I wasn’t closed. They walked in as Julie held up the torch. The house had cobwebs all round. It was clearly uninhabited much to their dismay.

    “look what I found’,’ Ben broke the silence. It was a pack of cards. They stared at him blankly. “come on guys we can at least stay here for the night and find our way in the morning’’. As much as the rest hated to admit, this was the best option they had. They couldn’t even call for help. Their phones couldn’t get a signal.

    They all sat down. Ben took out the cards and stared at them. He had never seen such a pack. There were only four cards inside with weird figures on them. The first had a drawing of a door with blood all over it, the second with a picture of a zombie, the third with a skull drawing, and the fourth with a picture of fire. He passed the cards around. No one had ever seen such cards. They had no idea how the cards would be played.

    Ben took the cards and stared at them again. He looked at the door card and threw it on the ground. Suddenly there was a loud deafening bang as the door creaked and swung and shut with a bang. They all screamed and rushed to the door. They tried opening it to no avail. They had no idea what had just happened. They were all scared. Very scared.

    A sudden whishing sound soon distracted then from their train of thoughts. The ground shook violently as the torch fell broke into tiny pieces. They were in utter darkness. Clara cried loudly as she held on to Ben. The house shook again and they all screamed in fear. They were all crying out for help as they banged on the door.

    A figure was moving towards them. Slowly and creepily. No one knew what it was. They had read about ghosts and zombies and they just couldn’t believe that all those stories were true. They screamed as they ran corner to corner. The figure wasn’t making any sound. It just followed them around. Slowly.
    They all saw death. It was imminent. They curled at a corner as they waited for the inevitable. Their death. Ben had read a lot of horror books. He still held the pack of cards in his hands. The figure was still approaching them. It was very close. Ben looked at it closely. It resembles the drawing on the card. He still held the card in his hands. As fast as his numb hands could allow him, he slipped the cards back to the pack and closed it. There was another vigorous ground shake as the zombie let out a shriek and disappeared. The door swung open and the shaking stopped. They all ran for it and headed for the car and took off like their lives depended on it. It actually did.



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