How To Make 2017 Your Best Writing Year In 5 Easy Steps

We made it. We got through the dumpster fire that was 2016 and finally reached 2017. With each new year comes new year resolutions, but if you’re like me, most years your resolutions don’t last more than 30 days. At the start of 2016 I wanted what most people want: to exercise, eat healthier, sleep more. You know, the usual things.  But more than anything, I wanted to become a published author. So instead of making a scattered list of how to improve my entire life, I decided to just focus on writing. I would read at least one published book a month. I would write almost every single day. I would connect with other writers who were on a similar journey. I vowed to do everything I could to become a better writer and a published author. Now that a year has passed, I can see the results of those writing resolutions.

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You’re playful,fun-loving spirit is

something I love.

Giving others a lift with the light side of

life, you make people laugh with your

humor and wit a comic, just being yourself.

Knowing just the right moments to make

a game of life, you’re playful, fun-loving

spirit is something I love, keep it

always ready to unleash.

You’re so alive and playful.

The Hospital

Two men, both truly not well, possessed the same doctor’s facility room. One man was permitted to sit up in his bed for 60 minutes every evening to empty the liquid out of his lungs. His bed was alongside the room’s lone window. The other man needed to invest all his energy level on his back. The men talked for a considerable length of time. They discussed their spouses and families, their homes, their occupations, their contribution in the military administration, where they had been in the midst of some recreation.

Also, every evening when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would breathe easy by portraying to his flat mate every one of the things he could see outside the window. The man in the other bed started to live for those one-hour time frames where his reality would be expanded and charged by all the action and shade of the world outside.

The window neglected a recreation center with a beautiful lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while youngsters cruised their model pontoons. Youthful significant others strolled affectionately intertwined in the midst of blossoms of each shade of the rainbow. Fantastic old trees graced the scene, and a fine perspective of the city horizon could be found out yonder.

As the man by the window depicted this in lovely detail, the man on the opposite side of the room would close his eyes and envision the beautiful scene.

One warm evening the man by the window depicted a parade cruising by. Despite the fact that the other man couldn’t hear the band — he could see it in his inner consciousness’ as the noble man by the window depicted it with distinct words. Days and weeks passed.

One morning, the day attendant touched base to convey water for their showers just to locate the dormant body of the man by the window, who had passed on gently in his rest. She was disheartened and called the healing center specialists to take the body away. When it appeared to be proper, the other man inquired as to whether he could be moved alongside the window. The medical caretaker was glad to do the switch, and subsequent to ensuring he was agreeable, she allowed him to sit unbothered. Gradually, agonizingly, he propped himself up on one elbow to investigate the world outside. At long last, he would have the delight of seeing it for himself. He strained to gradually swing to watch out the window adjacent to the bed.

It confronted a clear divider. The man asked the attendant what could have constrained his expired flat mate who had depicted such great things outside this window. The medical caretaker reacted that the man was visually impaired and couldn’t see the divider. She said, “Maybe he simply needed to empower you.”

The Path

You discover a way in the forested areas that for reasons unknown calls you to tail it. Strolling towards it gives you this inclination that you may lament going, however it additionally gives you an inquisitive feeling and comprehension. The way continues going on keeping in mind you are strolling, you glance around to discover no life or trees that have leaves on it and no grass simply earth. It’s tranquil yet you can somewhat hear waterfalls out yonder that you go towards. It resembles a labyrinth you are attempting to discover your way through to the spot. You simply think back before you to at long last see some life ahead.

The further you go, you wind up in a backwoods with green grass and trees with life abounding in it. The wind blowing in your face gives you an invigorating feeling, which you wish you could feel all the more regularly. Strolling further you discover a stream with water so clear and wonderful you see fish swim. Further up the stream is a waterfall that sounds so tranquil and quiet to you. As you continue taking after the way, you see delightful creatures meandering around the backwoods and they wouldn’t fret your nearness. The winged animals fly above you singing the melody they continually sing.

You at last see an unmistakable field where the grass is a lovely emerald green and surrounding it are blooming cherry trees. The bloom petals are a light shade of pink shading on the tips and towards within is a darker pink shading. The air conveys the cherry bloom petals around you and there is the sweet possess a scent reminiscent of strawberries noticeable all around. As you touch the grass it feels delicate and smooth, you need to lay on it.

As you stroll under a shady cherry bloom tree, you set down with your companions to gaze upward into the sky. You see that the sky is blue and lovely and the mists look delicate as cotton. Listening to the sound of wind and the waterfalls sing a tune to you that could make you nod off, you choose you just originated from a long walk and you need to take a little snooze, so your companions concur with you. While you lay on the grass, you gradually fall into a profound rest.

Hours pass, when you wake up to see the sun going down you wake your companions. All of you get up and take a gander at each other in disillusionment that you need to abandon; you moan and begin to stroll back to the recreation center. You at last end up at the edge that isolates the excellence from the soil. Every one of you glance back at heaven one final time then all of you stroll forward. You end up in the recreation center once more. Without trading words all of you go your different ways.

You wake up discovering it is only a fantasy that can never work out as expected. You are holding up to locate the ideal place that you will love to see. All things considered, I will let you know something you should always remember. The spot you envision is something extraordinary that you make in your psyche. We as a whole need to continue imagining searching for that spot, since you never know, possibly it was reality.


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Indoor And Organic Gardening


Organic gardening is a hobby that can give you many benefits. A supply of chemical-free herbs for cooking, a detoxified air inside the house, added beauty and décor to your home, and significant reducer of stress level, these are all benefits of having an indoor organic gardening. Aside from these, it can be very fun and exciting to tend to your own garden inside your home. 

If you want to have an indoor organic gardening, there are many herbs and plants that are easy to grow. You can find them at the local nursery or even through online sites. They can be mail ordered and delivered right at your doorstep. Specifically, the following 8 kinds are great examples of plants that you can grow indoor. 

The weeping fig is a plant that is known to survive even with little yet tender care for long periods of time. The chamaedorea palm is a great plant to lend a décor atmosphere inside your home especially if you prefer a tropical theme. The Chinese evergreen is perfect for homes that come with low-light conditions. Just like the two it doesn't require major maintenance, making it great choice for the beginners in gardening. 

The Boston fern on the other hand is placed by many inside a bathroom or at a greenhouse as it loves high humidity and doesn't require feeding a lot, once a month will suffice. Another one is English ivy, which can be hang on topiaries or baskets making it very ideal for beautifying to your home. The same with peace lily, but this variety is an excellent air purifier while providing great blooms and greenery to the house. 

The cactus combo bonsai is a fantastically unique plant variety that adapts easily to temperature and moisture level changes making it ideal to any home indoor garden. It is also the nature of braided ficus tree, but being an adaptable variety of tree it doesn't need big fuss for it to survive inside the house. 

When it comes to indoor herbs, they require a special maintenance care but when you see them grow the rewards are remarkable. For them to thrive properly and healthily, most varieties of herbs will need to be exposed on full sun for six hours everyday. The soil will need to be enriched and the container must have a perfect drainage. 

Some of the popular indoor herbs include lemon grass, which you can grow by cultivating a stalk in a container or pot with few inches of water. The mint leaves are excellent tea and must be grown separately from other herbs as this variety of herb can be more invasive than the others. 

The chive on the other hand requires lesser amount of light than the others while the parsley and bay tree are both slow growing herbs but always worth your wait as they are great herb to have on hand for your cooking activities. There are other varieties of herbs which you can grow indoor, like sage, thyme, oregano, cilantro, basil, and rosemary. 

Organic indoor gardening is such a wonderful and rewarding activity that anyone can have. With the many benefits it provides, there is no reason for you to procrastinate on this idea. You will definitely see it when you start to reap the full benefits.