The Mystery of the Full Moon

Poetic Words


Something wondrous about a full moon night,

when shadows come to play

and the clouds drift by,

blown by the night winds.

Trying to hide the moon,

they play hide and seek.

Moonlight so mysterious,

something magical about it,

wandering in its light,

bringing feelings of romance so right.

Moonlight more special than candlelight,

the feeling, the power, and the aura.

When a full moon shines bright,

it brings restlessness,

a need to wander about

or dance among the moonbeams.

Full moon nights,

bring no sleep,

the wonder of watching the moon and the stars,

play with the clouds and the shadows.

Long into the night,

listening to night creatures,

calling from a far,

where the mournful hoot of an owl calls –

Who, who are you?

Magical wonders on mysterious,

full moonlight drenched nights.

When in my dreams the moon,

like a gentlemen in a tux,

comes down to earth,

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Full Moon

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging. Thia is wonderful and much appreciated.


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