Context ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #80

Pix to Words

To understand
And embrace

I recognize
The limits
Set by context

Which, I’ve learned
Confines me
Not reality

Beach Cows
The Ganga Banks
(Ganges River)
Uttarakhand, India

Taken during travels, 2017

In rural North America, where I grew up, cows are symbolic of bucolic, pastoral farm life. So a scene including cows on a city beach — like a mother basking in the sun while her children play — or munching on garbage in urban streets, might seem contradictory to the nature of a cow. But in the context of a cow’s sacred life in India, where they roam freely and and are fed by the population in ad-hoc ritual, that changes things.

Last week we got up for Sunrise. This week? Let’s mess around with Context — find the limits of one, or bend fold and mutilate a context — or seek something else to…

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