Tuesday Photo Challenge – Forward

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to Week 50 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge. Last week’s theme of Spring brought out an overwhelming number of responses!  You were truly wonderful and I definitely seeing this much inspiration.

With the season of Spring comes daylight saving time, the practice of moving the clock forward during Summer months.  We use the memory jogger Spring Forward as a reminder what direction we move the clock.  This gave me the idea of using Forward as a challenge theme this week…

Of course, Forward is a great direction, in which to go, as it denotes progress, making things better than they were before for everyone.  We like to be forward thinking, as we leap forward into a future filled with promise.  Lot’s of different approaches you can take!

As always, feel free to be creative in your interpretation of the theme, and be sure to put your best effort into creating something…

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