What the world needs

Chevvy's Studio


No firing of cannons

No twenty one gun salute

No swearing in an oath of office

These are but trivial things

In the presence of such as you

Who affirmed the noble dignity

The priceless humanity of one and all

No pomp and ceremony

No fighter jets and planes

No lines of uniformed parades

For a foot soldier who marched

In rhythm with the heartbeat of his soul

Hearing the cries of those he served–

To turn limestone into a better world

No pursuit of golden trinkets

No excesses of material things

No labels and ornate insignia

Instead you built a library

Replete with threaded qualities

That turned mice to men and women

With humility and kindness shared

Yes, it is your brand of leadership

Yes, it is your unwavering selflessness

Yes, it is in all of us to search and find

That which offers gifts to all mankind

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