Daily Picture Prompt 106


Write a poem or story using this picture. Link back to this post from your blog or leave in the comment section below.


Daily Word Prompt 53 “Greenhouse”

The daily word prompt is Greenhouse

The daily word prompt can be used for a poem,story, photographs, art, song lyrics, letters,and you could even use it to tell us all a little more about yourself.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – April 2nd 2017

Sunday Photo Fiction

Each week a photo is used, donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in around 200 words. The photo doesn’t have to be centre stage, there have been times when I have had to read the story a few times to spot where the prompt is hidden. Please include a mention and / or link to whoever donated the photo.

Careful editing is the key to keeping the story within the constrains of the limit. 200 words may seem like a lot, but it disappears quickly. The challenge makes you look at replacing two words with one, and a little jiggery pokery. A few words over is sometimes necessary when there is no way of shrinking it without losing an integral part of the story. Using a program like Microsoft Word or Open…

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Travel with Intent

VeniceDSC0819820170301-1.jpg Bookshop in Venice,  March 2017


Now over to all of you to join the challenge with your own comfortable post, or with a post based on any single word that takes your fancy.

VeniceDSC0927420170227-1Thanks to everyone who went grand last week

Judith Beyond the Window Box
Tom at Beyond the Sphere
Julie’s Camera Blog
Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery

The forthcoming one word themes are Fire (9 April) and Arch (16 April).



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