The Lost Puppy – Ian Hill

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The Lost Puppy


“For the one who brought me back after I had given up.

Whether I wanted it or not.”

                I am a puppy.  My name is, well, I don’t exactly have a name…yet.  Nobody’s ever given me one, but you could.  You could!  You could!  You could!  I’m so excited to see you because I know that you’re the one who came to get me out.  When the nice people came and rescued me from the side of the road, I was really scared, but they cleaned me and fed me.  Now all I need is a home.  I don’t even know what a home is, but everybody keeps talking about finding me one, so I know it’s going to be great!  Take me home!  Take me home!  Take me home!

“He has too much energy for us.”

                Oh, you’re a new person.  I’m really…

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The Grave Robber – Austin L. Wiggins

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Cloaked by the night Jean crept along deserted streets. The black clothes Jean wore further cloaked him in the moonless night and he went unnoticed despite the clank in his bag caused by the shovel hitting his lantern. Every other step clanked and though it was just past midnight, Jean worried he’d stir the others. The absence of lights in other houses comforted him. Jean mentally repeated, and at times his mouth moved with the thought, the name he was looking for: “John Allen Cross.” He had engraved the name into his soul before he left, but couldn’t bare to have the name leave his tongue.

On the outskirts of town was the cemetery and Jean, having no confrontation along the way, arrived shortly after departing his own home. Headstone by headstone Jean read names of multiple men named John, and stopped a moment to read the epitaph of a…

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Time flies huh? Before you know it, the kids are grown and out of the house and you can finally look forward to a little rest and relaxation. After all, you deserve it.
And before you can take the umbrella out of that fruity little drink you’ve been craving, it hits you — that dull, nagging pain in your lower back that wasn’t there five years ago. The over-the-counter pain killers might take away the edge, but the pain is still there. It’s a constant reminder that the years are quickly passing by, and your body just isn’t what it used to be.
With a new medicine hitting the shelves every day, and the chance of dangerous and unknown side effects, more and more people who suffer from constant pain are turning to natural treatments to alleviate those nagging aches and pains.
A is for Acupressure
Relax, because there is help on the way! A rapidly-growing natural method of pain treatment is through acupressure, an alternative pain management option that utilizes pressure points to channel energy and relief to trigger points. Some studies have even shown that acupressure has been effective in quelling vomiting and nausea, as well as lower back pain.
When these trigger points (also called potent points) are stimulated through pressure or heat, the chemicals (endorphins) that control pain are released. Pressure can be applied a variety of ways, with the hands, elbows or a variety of acupressure tools: such as an acuball, a power mat, a spine roller, or a Teishein, an original acupuncture needle. While this device may sound scary, the needle does not actually go through the skin, but is used to apply pressure to the points.
As pressure is applied to one of many points on the body, any tensions or toxins that are currently residing in those points are rapidly released as the muscle fibers relax. As circulation increases, blood and oxygen are carried to the pressure points, allowing the person to relax. Deep breathing during this process also helps elongate the muscle fibers as well as relax the participant.
Acupressure: More than just pain relief
In addition to pain management, many people use acupressure as a way to relieve and eliminate tensions, as well as rebalancing the body’s natural rhythms. Acupressure has also been successful in boosting immune systems as the body’s natural illness resisters are strengthened.
While hundreds of acupressure points reside in the body, there are three that are most commonly used to relieve pain, nausea or stress. These include the soft area between your thumb and forefinger, the fleshy part between your first and second toe and your inner anklebone.