Chicken and Cashew Massaman Curry

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Chicken and Cashew Mussamam Curry Chicken and Cashew Mussamam Curry

I am constantly searching for interesting go-to Friday night dinners. You know, something quick and easy to put together, but yet more titillating than what we have been eating for the rest of the week. Here is an amazing recipe that is quickly becoming one of our Friday night staples. This is one of our favourite dishes to order in our local Thai restaurant, but I have found that it is even better when made at home! You could make it with beef or chicken. Add your favourite sautéed greens; serve over basmati rice, and you have an extraordinarily complex, uber-flavourful meal that you would be proud to share with friends! I found the recipe in Donna Hay Magazine, Issue #86, and have been tweaking it here and there.

I will be sharing this recipe with everyone over at Angie’s Fiesta Friday this week.


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