Daily Post-Heal

Testing times will touch our lives

what’s more, expectation might light the way

where now and then in the shadows

lurkes the brilliance of day

Life is a ride of minutes

Now and then you got the opportunity to hold tight

Keep in mind in your hardships

everything will be okay

I simply left my breaking point

Crisp feelings I now feel

It just requires a little investment

A little time to heal




Saturday Mix – April 8, 2017

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Hello all!

The internet and I have been having not been getting along over the past couple of weeks and I keep losing my connection, of course one of the problems may be simply a communication problem … my OS is still Windows XP and it seems no one supports my OS anymore.  Sigh.

But speaking of communication, I recently saw a fantastic science-fiction film based on a 2002 short story written by Ted Chiang (The Story of Your Life) entitled “Arrival”.  As a polyglot, I’m fascinated with the idea that language can create a new structure in one’s mind to accommodate how we use different languages.  A banal example; in English, speaking of age,  we say we are 25 years old but in Italian we have 25 years.  Often you must to change the way you think in order to make any sense of the different language you’re…

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