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The Ladies of Horror

Exit the World Dreaming
by Bailey Hunter

I don’t know when it began; I only know that it grows steadily worse.  Entire days seem to flit past and I, catching only glimpses of them, struggle to maintain a tenuous grip.
That part of my life—the part that goes on without me—has always been there.  I drift to sleep and he takes over.  He leaves me with mundane, simple images of the monotony of work, families, dinners and conversations.  They were never more than a slight interruption in my world.
Things have changed.  These interludes last longer and are becoming increasingly more shattered.  Darkness and hunger permeates every shard of these missing moments.  I try to force myself to stay awake but I am unable.
I fear I am losing my place in this world.
When I do finally wake, the images of those lost hours sit rancid…

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