Saturday Mix — Lorraine 29.04.17

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Welcome to the Saturday Mix – the Lorraine edition. Here, in the playground of words, are flash fiction, poetic and shadorma challenges. Feel free to do one or all – this playground has swings and slides for your enjoyment.

Now that Spring has sprung (and the grass has rize) in certain parts of the world, a picture prompt that speaks to promises of summer, too. Tell us a story in 25 to 150 words “tiled” around this image.


Or, decode this picture in 25 to 150 words. (click on the image for a larger picture.)


© Lorraine 2017 – mural on wall at Secaucus train station/sculpture in same location


Time to explore another micro-burst poetic form, the Elfje:


A Dutch poem (“elven” or “fairy”) originally used to teach poetry to children.  There are eleven words in five lines.

Line one:  One word.  This is a symbol, color, or feature that…

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