Reading Links 5/2/17

Where Genres Collide


Reading Links…5/2/17

Traci Kenworth


  1. Voice is the reason to read this series.
  2. Familiar characters and fantastic plot.
  3. Some recommendations in the science fiction and fantasy realm.
  4. Some goodies from Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
  5. Not too weak, not all badass. Well-rounded.
  6. The fourth Patternist novel.


  1. Some YAs and nonfiction to check out.

Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. If you like Outlander, try this!




  1. Jungian neo-noir vampire saga.
  2. Something fresh in the military horror genre.
  3. A nightmarish tale with waking dreams within.
  4. The comforting, southern tone is the only comfort you’ll get reading this collection.
  5. A mystical path called The Labyrinth.
  6. The occult detective of years ago.
  7. Mary SanGiovanni’s first non-fiction collection.


  1. Is it a hate crime or something more?
  2. Will a letter of secrets destroy everything for her?
  3. Can adrenaline…

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