Soil – D’Verse Poetics


Bjorn at d’Verse Pub Poetics says:

May is here and at least in Sweden it’s when we finally have spring. This is when all the strength of soil and seed spring forth. Every day is just another shade of green.

Today I want you to write poetry about soil. To me soil is both the source of life, and destiny for death. Soil is where we come from and soil you’ll be.

She dug deep down into the soil
Enjoying the feel of the earth
Between her fingers, feeling alive

Blood dripped from the corner
Of her red ruby lips
As she sunk deeper, smiling, bliss

Fingernails caked with dirt
She knelt under the moon
Whispering, whimpering, calling

The night listened silently
She feels denied, still hungry
Continues digging, still empty

Sinking lower, she finds her treasure
Tiny bones buried years before her
When mother forbade her to ever


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