Arresting Developments (Marshland Justice) by @LenaDiaz #romanticsuspense #bookreview

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Arresting Developments

Title: Arresting Developments (Marshland Justice)

Author: Lena Diaz

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

A mysterious beauty had nursed him back to health—and attracted the attention of some very bad men… 

Somewhere over the Everglades, the airplane’s engine failed and Dex Lassiter plummeted into the swamp’s murky depths. Amber Callahan didn’t expect to find any survivors in the wreckage, but Dex was about as tough as they came. And too smart not to dig into why a woman like her had run away to settle in remote Mystic Glades. Or why a killer circled their every move. As floodwaters rose, deputizing Dex was just what this lawless small town needed. Because escape wasn’t possible. And the only thing Dex did better than starting things was defending them.

My Review:

Veteran pilot Dex Lassiter’s plane plunges mysteriously into the Everglades and he miraculously survives. Amber Callahan pulls him out of…

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