Tale Weaver #119: What If 11.05.17

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

This week, I’d like you to suspend logical and engage in some magical thinking. To play a “what if” game.

I’ve listed some potential what if scenarios, but please feel free to create one of your own. So, what if:

* fairies lived in your garden or ghosts occupied in your attic

* illegal aliens were really aliens

* there were two moons

* the outcome of a major conflict was different; for example: a classic Greek or Roman battle; 1066; the American Revolution; the Civil War; the Crimean War; World Wars 1 and 2, etc.

* there was world peace

* certain people suddenly became telepathic

* a fictional character (your choice) was real

* you won a special recognition/award: Nobel, Booker-Mann, Pulitzer, Edgar, Oscar, Grammy, etc.

When you are ready to post your what if scenario, please create a link (ping back) to this post. Tags: Mindlovemisery’s…

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