Redemption Lake by @SusanCGoldner Murder #Mystery set in Tucson #wwwblogs

Rosie Amber

Redemption LakeRedemption Lake by Susan Clayton-Goldner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Redemption Lake is a murder mystery. The book opens in 1989, and is set in Tucson, Arizona.

Eighteen year old Matt Garrison is a troubled teenager. Holding guilt from six years ago when he blamed himself for the death of his cousin, he’s since faced the break-up of his parent’s marriage and, when the novel begins, hearing his mother make new long-lasting wedding vows. Telling himself and everyone else that “forever” didn’t mean a thing, he dramatically leaves the wedding.

Matt seeks out his girlfriend for the comfort he needs, but finds her with another boy; they argue and he flees again, this time looking the stability of his best friend, Travis. But Travis is out, and only his mother, Crystal, is home. Crystal has been like a second mum to Matt for years, and she offers him a…

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