Do You Know How to Write Good Emails? Your Success Might Depend On It.

Novelty Revisions

I hate email.

Let me say it again, louder: I. HATE. EMAIL.

I actually don’t hate sending emails. I’m an introvert, I have anxiety — email is my favorite way to conduct business!

What I hate is trying to work with or alongside people who don’t know how to utilize email correctly.

The majority of people — even professionals, or those aspiring to be — have forgotten how to properly send messages. I can understand if a friend’s email to me about something random is full of typos. But if you’re trying to sell yourself as a professional (or aspiring) writer, and you can’t write an email, you’re not leaving any good first impressions.

I’m convinced a writer’s success is largely dependent upon their ability to communicate effectively through email.

As an editor — and, I suppose, even as a writer trying to communicate with freelance clients — the people…

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