Poetics: And the sign said….


Hey everyone! This is Mish from mishunderstood.wordpress.com bringing you today’s Poetics.

On one of my recent drives home from work, winding along a beautiful river road, I was thinking about the various signs that greet me along the way. With limited words or simple symbols, they advise me, guide me or warn me of the next curve in the road. They are short and sweet, much like titles to a story, or perhaps…..a poem?

Today I’d like you to choose a sign as a visual prompt. Let it speak to you metaphorically or as an allegory. Let it take you to a deeper place or even a comical place. Your sign does not need to have words, as symbols have stories and voices too. The choice is yours.

Here are a few for you to ponder and some websites that will offer you free images of signs:




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