7 Quotes To Find Motivation in a World Full of Negative Images

Jay Colby

With all the damaging and sometimes destructive messages we receive in today’s culture either from the mass media, publications, social media outlets and from social interaction. So sometimes finding motivation can be a challenge. So today we want to share seven inspiration quotes to help anyone find motivation.

  1. “The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be”.

  1. “Don’t judge each day by how much money you make but on the seeds, you plant for your future”.

  1. “Anything is possible but if we never try nothing is possible”.

  1. “What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”.

  1. “We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret”.

  1. “The only place where success comes before work is…

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