Signs and symbols: lesbian

Pride Matters

In this series we look at signs and symbols that are associated with parts of the LGBTQIA+ Community.

The Labrys

The Labrys is also known as the double-bladed axe, and isfrom the Minoan Crete civilisation – a civilisation that is often portrayed as matriarchal.Since then, however, it has been used in more recent timesto represent lesbian and feminism.
It has been used as its symbol since the 70s. Some women have it tattooed on their inner wrist, or as a pendant.

In late Victorian times, when the use of term “Lesbian” was emerging, it was likely that if you were a gay or bisexual woman you may have givenvioletsto the womanyou love or have feelings for. This most likely comes from poetry that ancient Greek poet Sappho wrote:

“If you forget me, think of our gifts to Aphrodite and all the loveliness that we shared.


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