The Littlest Druid goes into the woods

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Once upon a time the Littlest Druid had to go into the forest near the village. She really didn’t mind. It was calm and cool in the forest and she loved visiting it. She never seemed to get in trouble there. She liked that it felt like home to her. It felt friendly and she never felt lost there.

Today Airmid, the herbalist had assigned her to collect leaves from as many of the sacred trees as she could find. She hummed as she wandered through the woods. She already had oak, ash, hawthorn, rowan and hazel, and was heading for the pond in the center of the forest where she knew there were willows and reeds.

She was saying the properties of the leaves in her head. Oak is for strength and protection and it was a gateway. Ash linked the inner world to the outer world. Hawthorn was…

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