Saturday’s Mix–08 July 2017

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Welcome back to Saturday’s Mix.  This week, I thought we’d look at silhouettes.  As a photographer, I love silhouettes.  They have wonderful contrast of light and dark to reveal the outline of an object.  They truly fascinate me.  I wondered how this would look in writing.

tree silhouette_0090aPhoto Credit

Can we illuminate an object/topic, masking its depth–showing just the outline?  Here is my effort at a silhouette poem:

Pretty July day basking in sunshine,
highlighting the white picket fence,
two kids, pulling a dog in a red wagon.
A perfect silhouette of a family,
masking the tears streaked down
dirty little faces as they go inside
each evening to an empty table.

headstone silhouette_0255ephoto credit

If you struggle with a silhouette poem/prose piece, you can also simply use the word in your writing.  As always feel free to use one of the images as inspiration or to illustrate your post.

vulture_0042ewPhoto Credit

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