Photography: Evening Stroll in the Gardens (Post #1)

Sumyanna Writes

I have found out the hard way that my camera does not like taking evening photos.  Or perhaps it is just the photographer.  It is hard sometimes taking the time for photography if everyone else is not caught up in the act.  Otherwise, someone gets left behind and others walk alone.  So yeah, I did try to hurry this time as we were all trying to enjoy a bit of a stroll at the gardens.

I mean, I could have just left the camera home, and I did try but one of the kiddos brought it so they could take pictures.  The problem is, I would be kicking myself if a photographic moment presented itself and I could not capture it.  So, while many of my photos turned out too dark and grainy – a few turn out just perfectly (to my delight).  There is definitely something to be said…

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