The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Expressions

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I couldn’t leave the cathedral at St Asaph’s without mentioning the artwork. Many ecclesiastical buildings are home to arts and crafts, with interpretations and symbols built into their very fabric. Stained glass, carved wood and stone, marble and mosaics… these are the signature pieces you would expect to find in our older churches. These buildings have been at the physical and spiritual heart of their communities for generations and, regardless of one’s own chosen path, offer both a record and an insight into a changing world.

Light of heart?

Yet some things remain the same, no matter what the era or where you go in the world; mankind has always used art to explore and express the inexpressible journey of the soul. Just as faith itself, in order to survive and remain relevant, must continually grow and evolve, so too will its expressions in art. In many of our churches…

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