FFFPP – 29 – Romantic Fool?

The Bag Lady

As I walked by this street cafe, I remembered our meeting here. I rarely go down this street anymore, memories tended to flood back. Each time I saw lovers sitting there I thought of him, and the heart sent another warning to my brain.

It has been a few years now. A wonderful romance at first, I thought we were meant for each other, barely existing outside of his reach. That might be the way of all first loves, the instant attraction, quick satisfaction of a need, even anticipating a future together.

If that was all, it sounds like enough for any relationship. If expecting perfection, you are a romantic fool. Possibly I should have that made into a t-shirt to wear when I’m in a strange place. It was this cafe, new to me when I met him.
Sitting alone, not able to read the menu, a good looking…

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