Worth a Word Wednesday: Scribbly Gums

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 Wordless Wednesday – has now been renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I can’t stick to the rules of NO WORDS 🙂

Scribbly Gums In the Australian bush are very special trees Scribbly Gums

Theses magnificent trees deserve to have some words written about them.  Can you see the scribbles on them?  They are found in the bush near where where my husband grew up in Nowra on the South Coast of NSW, and I love trying to read their scribbles.

In case you don’t know what they are here is some information as paraphrased from Wikipedia.  I must admit that I learnt something about them too!

Eucalyptus haemastoma, the scribbly gum, is an Australian eucalypt that is named after the “scribbles” on its bark. These zigzag tracks are tunnels made by the larvae of the scribbly gum moth (Ogmograptis scribula) and follow the insect’s life cycle. Eggs are laid between layers of old…

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