Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The winds of change blow
Refusal or denial
Sees no horizon

Field scabious…it is not a great name and harks back to the time when the plant was used to treat scabies and the bubonic plague… a tragic history for such a pretty flower. I love their soft, cushioned petals and have always grown them in my gardens for the bees and butterflies. My own garden is a little sparse at present, while life dithers about its future, but it is of no matter. When the fields and hedgerows are full of flowers, I have all the garden I need..

The other name for this flower is the gypsy rose. It is a vagabond, wandering the countryside and growing where it chooses. The breeze makes the stems dance, so I hold the flower steady for a photograph… and an opportunist seizes the moment to land.  Engaging with Nature is a…

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