Willard Wigan exhibition.


Most times when I arrive at a venue I think I know what to expect. But last night I was invited to attend an exhibition that blew me away. I knew I was going to see art work that is microscopic, literally the audience has to view these tiny pieces through the viewing lenses of a microscope. But nothing could prepare me for just how impressive the quality and detail that was in each piece. Firstly the size of the needles or the pin heads was just regular sewing needles, not great big darning needles, but the small needles that I still truggle to even thread!

Secondly the quantity of pieces on display. I was expecting maybe  a dozen pieces. I guess each piece must take months to complete and there was 21 microscopes each with a unique piece of mind boggling artistry at the viewing point and thirdly, just…

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2 thoughts on “Willard Wigan exhibition.

  1. Thank you for sharing the love. It’s very appreciated.


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