I care for you

so much

that I would do

anything to help you

and make sure

You are safe

from harm

or any danger


Creating Meira

Artful Aspirations

I am in the process of painting a new fairy I named Meira. I used a 7mm mechanical pencil to sketch, and I am currently using acrylic paint to finish. I am working on a group of paintings to sell on Etsy, so I am learning about how to set up an Etsy seller account and using copyrights. Hope everyone has a blessed week. Ash 🙂

“He turns my darkness into light.”

2 Samuel 22:29

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Desmond Tutu

Meira: Dark fae from Ciardha (dark fae village)

Age: 228 years fae/19 human year equivalency




Meira, a dark fae of Ciardha, sits and mourns the slaughter of her family after a goblin attack on her village. Haven, a light fae warrior of Alethea, is in Ciardha to help the dark fae regain peace after the…

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Night Night, Train

Story Book Reviews

Written by Amy Parker | Illustrated by Virginia Allyn

Join these adorable puppies in pajamas as they say night night to the train, to their mommy and daddy, and to God. Your little ones will rest their sleepy heads knowing that the God who made them loves them and keeps them safe all night long.



Really beautiful work. The art captures the perfect soft and fuzzy vibe – perfect for a bedtime book. The title treatment is also really nicely done. It’s strong and clear, but not overstated. It works perfectly with the artwork.


This artwork is so sweet it’ll give you a cavity. So stinkin’ adorable I can hardly stand it. Each page is full of warm and fuzzy animals on the “night night train.” Each page shows a different stage of getting ready for bed, resulting in a wonderful wind-down for little readers. LOVE LOVE…

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No Use                 (Flash Fiction- Macabre)

“When an animal out lives its usefulness, you put it down.” That’s what I was taught since I was five. That day, father spoke this phrase to me as Fitsy our Australian shepard who refused to chase sheep anymore, was shot in the head. I was told to watch and was forbidden to cry . It’s the same phrase he repeated right before my fat bunny, Harriet’s neck was snapped and fed to me for dinner. I learned my lesson and didn’t get attatched to animals after that. Humans are animals. Sometimes they are the worst kind of animal, I think.

So it makes no sense why I am being forced to spoon feed and wipe the ass of the mean bastard who drilled this into my brain for years. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s only right to let my father live and die by his values. I’m…

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The Ninth Birthday Wish

Story Book Reviews

Written by Bruce E. Arrington | Illustrated by Florence Jayne

Birthday wishes for twins? Bril and Arisa, though twins they may be, are so very unlike, as you will soon see. Their wishes are different as sea is from land, but watch what happens with what they had planned! 



I’m not sure why the cover artwork is so different from the style on the inside pages. I really would have liked to see a custom cover that matched the rest of the artwork. The current cover is a bit lackluster and really doesn’t communicate the “adventure” vibe of the story.

A great scene from the book combined with a stronger title treatment would do wonders.


I enjoyed the traditional approach to illustrating this book. The brushwork adds a lot of nice texture.

The typesetting could be improve a little. The font choice isn’t particularly child-friendly, and…

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Is Aerobic Training the Only Way to Burn Fat?

2 Weeks to Health

“I have read in popular magazines that aerobic training is the only way to burn fat. Is this true? If not are there other ways to burn fat, if so what are some?”

Perhaps I do not read these popular fitness magazines that solely claim aerobic training is the only way to burn fat because when I tried to find examples of a magazine claiming this, I fell short which was a pleasant surprise. However, I have seen this misconception first hand while working with friends and family. We live in a faced paced culture where every problem ideally has a single and simple solution. For example, if you are hungry you can grab a quick meal at one of the dozens of restaurants that are in your town, or if you need to talk to someone you send them a text 10 seconds later. Instant gratification and simple single…

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