Want to know the truth about pop-ups?

Jean's Writing

Want to Increase Your Blog Readership? Kill that Popup! By Anne R. Allen

Shares with us the unvarnished truth about what readers think of all those pop-ups on your blog.

I agree with Anne.

Here is what I think of pop-ups!

Not gonna keep reading if I have to hunt for a tiny X to close a damn box. Or worse, fill out a form just for the privilege of reading your page. Note not gonna happen.

Ads are not so bad as long as they don’t pop up and obstruct the post. Although I have allowed WordPress to put them on my blog, I’m still on the fence about them.

So stop with the sign-up subscription or buy my book, pop-ups, please.

What do you think?

Agree with Anne? Or do you like them?

Can’t wait to hear your answers. Leave them in the comments.

Please stop by and…

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Published by Henrietta Watson

Hello my name is Henrietta Watson. I am a mother of a 30 year old daughter and a 23 year old son. I also have a 5 year old granddaughter and a 3 year old granddaughter.I am a Security Officer. I also write short stories, blogs and poems. I like cooking,grilling,fishing,skating,playing billiards,going out to eat and going to see movies.

9 thoughts on “Want to know the truth about pop-ups?

  1. You are blogging to my choir with this one, Henrietta. I cannot STAND the darned things – and the “sign up for more” ones before I even know if I like the blog are especially obnoxious. Just what I need – more eglut [NOT!] I run away immediately, and usually never return. Ditto slide overs and “chase-arounds.”

    “Quiet” ads – the ones that don’t blink or otherwise distract my reading eyes are more acceptable. Except for authors selling their own books, I reluctantly *tolerate* other types of ads ONLY until a kludgy script freezes my browser until I “debug/continue/kill” (more often than you might think!). I close the window the SECOND I am able and *never* return to that blog.

    I have noticed that Blogger tends to be especially rife with those, btw – and many blogs over there frequently feature more ads than content — especially the decorating and fashion sites — so I have taken to avoiding the entire domain!

    The absolute WORST are the sites with ads that start talking or playing music the second I land – especially when I have to scroll around to find them and figure out how to shut them up (if they let me). USA Today does that – and I now avoid their site as well – I prefer to *read* the news, not listen to their soundbites. At least give me a CHOICE whether to listen to the drivel, okay?

    Nobody can read and listen at the same time – brain-based, so guess what you are saying to your readership when you allow that nonsense on your site!

    The WordPress.com fairies have fairly recently added a widget to allow pop-ups so I suppose we will see more of them as time goes by. DREADFUL news.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. Thanks for steering me to this site, since my pingbacks seem to be on the fritz. You’ll be happy to know that both Chrome and Safari are planning to start blocking auto-play sound. I hate that stuff, too. They’re always an unwelcome shock and can really annoy other people when you’re in public.

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      1. You’re welcome – saw you on the Salon as well – good for you! Tested your link so it would be marked “read” for me.

        Happy to hear that the browsers are aware of the problem. I’ll be happier when Firefox joins Chrome and Safari on blocking auto-sound on ads, however. (Chrome slows my Mac to a crawl, and Safari is not supported by Pinterest.)

        Since I frequently have something I CHOOSE to play in the background while I work, those auto scream at me ads are doubly annoying.

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