Daily Two-Word Prompt #134

“The lessons”

Write a story or poem using the two-word prompt. Be creative and have fun writing! Please link your response to this post or add your link to the comments below, so others…

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Red Shouldered In A Pine


I heard this hawk long before I spotted him. Red Shouldered Hawks call out more than any other hawk I know of.

Red Shouldered In A Pine - Click To Enlarge Red Shouldered In A Pine – Click To Enlarge

Red Shouldered In A Pine - Click To Enlarge Red Shouldered In A Pine – Click To Enlarge

It never occurred to me the bird would be sitting on the very top of this pine. But the constant calling finally made me look over.

Red Shouldered In A Pine - Click To Enlarge Red Shouldered In A Pine – Click To Enlarge

Red Shouldered In A Pine - Click To Enlarge Red Shouldered In A Pine – Click To Enlarge

I forget what distracted me while shooting these, but I never did get the image of him dropping out of the tree.

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Haibun Monday–Shimo No Koe–First Frost’s Voice


Photo: Victoria Slotto

Haibun Monday—Shimo No Koe—First Frost’s Voice

The voice of frost, on a quiet windless night, can be heard when the earth and air whisper:shin shin. Sometimes I sit at our local temple and listen to this voice. Also in the bamboo grove we hear the shin shin of frost.
Dr. Gabi Greve, Daruma Museum, Japan

Shhhh. Do you hear that breathless whisper of Autumn’s first frost, shin shin?

In last week’s Quadrille, our own Kanzen Sakura spoke of the Japanese phrase for first frost’s voice, Shimo no koe. Because she has been derailed and I am filling in for her for today’s Haibun, I asked her if I may use this for today’s prompt.

What memories or sensual experience can you claim when you think of a first frost? Perhaps it is the withering of the garden that you’ve tended so carefully throughout the summer…

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This Week’s Challenges: October 1 – 7 (OWPC, WW, JHC)

Tourmaline .

The daily Halloween challenge is here!

Each Sunday, along with the challenges of the week, I’ll post that week’s daily Halloween themes here. You can respond daily or weekly, however you choose, just keep it spooky! Share an image, write a poem, make a collage, you choose how to creatively respond. Anything goes! See all the topics for this month here.

Cheers to the 2016 participants and onto 2017!

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One Word Photo Challenge: Ladybug

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with…

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