Haibun Monday – Water


As you might have noticed, I often write about my daily trip to work. I’m fortunate enough to be able to commute with a bicycle. This means being totally exposed to the elements. If it’s raining you really feel it.

This past week we have had a lot of rain, which made me think of a suitable subject for writing a haibun, namely water.

© Björn Rudberg

Water comes in many forms. It can be rain or fog, it fills the lakes and make the brooks babble. It can seen vast and endless when you watch the sea. It brings death in flooding and life after drought. Water can be sparkling from the supermarket or simply from the tap.

Water can be absent in a desert or cold and hostile in winter.

© Björn Rudberg

The topic for this haibun is really very simple:

Tell me something from real life…

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