Fanny Packs and Wu-Tang

Music To My Ears

In July of 2016, people I follow on Twitter would not stop retweeting this video. I scrolled past it about five times a day before I gave in and clicked on it.


I was blown away. Not just by the spectacle of it all, though I have to admit, a skinny Asian kid with a pink fanny pack and a super bass voice is quite the spectacle. But beyond the baffling image, I heard bars. Really good bars. I wasn’t the only one impressed. While most of the rapping reactors were unsure if they should take the kid seriously, Wu-Tang member and hip-hop veteran, Ghostface Killah showed interest in getting on the remix. Which was something that I thought was pretty epic. Then, like everyone else on Twitter, I forgot about Rich Chigga.



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November 9: Flash Fiction Challenge

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Yellow cats prowl the neighborhood. She has come, the Lady of the Lake. I expected her cloak of white, her hair of ephemeral snow, and her rasping howl. The cats are not hers, although I could imagine creatures trotting at her feet, purring, and observing the wake through golden eyes translucent as honey agate. Instead, the cats belong to the county — grand Caterpillar road graders the color of working-man gold. They’ve come to plow what the Lady has wrought.

In all my life, I’ve known snow. Last winter was my first experience in a warmer climate (Mars) and even there I marched for justice and voice in half a foot of snow at the Kanab Women’s March. Yet, this is my first time experiencing lake-effect snow. It’s a weather phenomenon easily given over to myth and mystery because the science reads like fiction. According to air temperature over…

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TECH: Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

{Tech} for Travel

The following review is part of the Back to Business special.


Fitbit Ionic

This could be considered to be Fitbits second attempt at entering the smartwatch market, following on from the Blaze which was released last year.  Many would suggest it is more a hybrid smartwatch/sports tracker combo.  I, however, consider it to be THE Flagship sports tracker with the most important aspects of a smartwatch; making it the new Benchmark for fitness wearables!



The Ionic has to be the most comfortable and lightweight wearable I have tested so far.  I hardly noticed it when not in use.  Which is surprising, given its nice big screen!  The colour LCD display is wrapped in Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which means it will take a lot to crack!  When it lights up the picture quality is vibrant, even outdoors.

I should point out, that even the images on…

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