Mini Victoria Sandwiches

The Ephemeral Bee

Lately I have been binge watching old BBC murder mystery series, and one of the recurring themes, aside from the copious amounts of tea and beautifully manicured cottage gardens, are the town bake-offs.  I have lost count of the number of people that have keeled over dead after eating a heaping forkful of Victoria Sponge.  This, in turn, got me thinking about the fact that I had never actually tried a real Victoria Sponge, either making one or eating one, and so, from the safety of my own kitchen, I decided to experiment.  I read through the dozen, or so, Victoria Sponge recipes found on the BBC website, and readily figured out that cake was equal parts butter, eggs, flour, and sugar.  It also seems like the more traditional sandwich fillings are raspberry jam and whipped cream, but strawberry jam and buttercream are the more popular ones.  I used strawberry…

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Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 4/29/18

This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

I don’t have any great story about how I came up with the theme this week.  It could simply be that I started listening to my music on a daily basis and I seem to be finding this word a lot in the songs I’ve been listening to.

I also think I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and post its counterpart next week.  So, if you can guess what that will be, you can also start thinking about next week in the process of choosing this week’s song!  Sometimes, I do try to be helpful.

Anyway, without any further rambling from me, let’s get to it.  Put your thinking caps on, break out your playlists and get to work!  Our theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is “angel”.  

As always, you can go your own way and post a song that has nothing to do…

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