4 Ways You Can Make Time to Blog Right Now

How To Ebook

Time, writers say, is the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging. We are writing books. We are marketing books. We are thinking about marketing books. We are parents, spouses or significant others, single parents, workers bees, pet puke cleaner-uppers, grocery-shoppers, housekeepers, laundry-do-ers, mental illness sufferers/survivors, advocates, and the beat goes on.

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Question of the Day 4-9-2018

A Writer's Life

Please feel free to answer these questions on your blog or in the responses. If you leave me a link to your post, I will re-post it on my blog. You can also feel free to forward these questions to anybody who might be interested. Thank you to those who have already shared their thoughts.

What are you scared to share with anyone? Can you share it here?

The one big secret I have carried for years is I once fell asleep at the wheel and almost wreaked my car. Luckily, there was a guard rail and all I didn’t was scrape and dent the passenger side of the car.  The worse thing was my kids were in the back of the car (toddler and baby). Nobody was hurt, however, except the car.

I was so mortified over what happened, I lied; told people I swerved to avoid a dog and…

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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.


Welcome to an extremely colourful edition of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, this week curated by K’lee and based around his prompt; Cosmically created colour.

I had a flash of inspiration yesterday and took some photos of Audrey’s sand sculptures…

…along with some family portraits; then superimposed the latter over the former and carefully erased all the exposed skin, resulting in these brightly coloured and slightly surreal images.

You can find out what K’lee has to offer, HERE, later.

But now it’s time for you to add a splash of colour to our day.


To get involved with the challenge, post a photo to your blog on Monday, add a pingback to this post (or to K’lee’s) and don’t forget to tag your post #CosPhoChal.

Alternatively, add a link to your blog in the comments of either mine or K’lee’s post and we’ll come and…

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Novel Boot Camp #2: Creating Deep Realistic Characters

Nesie's Place


One of the most common complaints I hear from writers is, “I don’t know how to make my characters seem realistic!” *cue sad music*

These writers have often tried a variety of character development methods. They might have worksheets and spreadsheets and character interviews. They might know their character’s favorite color, most attractive feature, and every moment of their childhood in chronological order. But none of these things create a realistic character.

You might be gasping in terror because you are certain that your character development exercises have helped you, and they probably have. There’s nothing wrong with that type of character development.

The problem arises when personality replaces depth.

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