Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any kind of seating

Cee's Photo Challenges

This week the topic is Any kind of seating.  This is a topic you can really have enjoy.   Let’s see how creative you can get.  I’m looking forward to what you all decide to post.  I just want you to have some fun with your photography.

Upcoming Topics

For a list of upcoming topics, please see the list below.  Be creative and challenge yourself.  For a great black and white photo look for contrast or highly textured subjects to photograph.

  • Two very different things or the number two
  • Close ups
  • Looking through a Window
  • Words that end in “ock” (rock, dock, clock, hollyhock, gridlock, stock, unlock, wedlock, block)
  • Flowers
  • Ground: sand, dirt, paths, walks, trails

This challenge accepts the following types of photography:

  • Black and white photography
  • Sepia tones (browns)
  • Selective color with the majority of the photo being in black and white
  • Desaturated – very little color tone left…

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How to Write a Killer Author Bio – Article on Reedsy…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

It’s important for indie authors to know how to write an author bio that tells readers: who you are, what you write, why readers should trust you, and how you stand out from other writers.

An author bio is like a calling card. “It’s something that will let readers get a sense of who you are, and is an important part for pitching media and book proposals,” sums up marketer Rachel Cone-Gorham, formerly of Penguin Random House.

This step-by-step guide dives into the four main components of a killer author bio and provides tips from our talented marketers for nailing each section.

Find out more HERE

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Amitav Chowdhury

Gazing at the ocean makes me feel small, even a little envious of the vastness

Only listening to sounds is enough to make the sunset more mystical than I can imagine

Waves are coy, luckily, the feet can feel the playfulness of the ocean’s soul

How many worlds are contained in its unfathomable depths?

The colossal upheavals may be due to the clash between such hidden worlds  

Frothy struggles of salt water keep aways the most valiant seeker

Even the crushing pressures are some otherworldly forces to protect the treasures

That does not stop the solitary one from enjoying the sublime moments at dusk

Lucky, to have touched the reflection of an enormous world with human consciousness

Soon, darkness will be intense and the ocean calmer, for it is time to wonder


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Thursday Doors – April 19, 2018

Norm 2.0

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time), by using the blue link-up button below. 

Casa Loma – Toronto

Note: This week’s post is in two parts with the second written by everyone’s blog buddy Joanne Sisco over at My Life Lived Full

While we were in Toronto a few weeks ago we were finally able to meet up with Joanne for a doorscursion.

I say “finally”, because Joanne and I have known each other through WordPress for about four years and despite the fact that we both have traveled, or made plans to travel to each other’s cities a number of times, something has…

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