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When deep summer comes to the Gulf Coast South, dishes served cold become the most appealing thing on the menu. This brings me to shrimp remoulade, which seems to have been created exactly for this purpose. Two classic New Orleans recipes. The post Shrimp Remoulade Two Ways appeared first on Ann Cavitt Fisher.

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The relentless rains continue. Thinking back to earlier times and brighter days filled with sunshine. Let’s go back a little further since we’re thinking of the past.Today’s prompt is “vintage”. What comes to your mind when you hear the word and the ways it can be used? Compose a poem or song, make up a story or narrate an incident, or get creative and have fun in any way you want to describe what lends meaning to the word for you.For those who actively participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge, click a picture of your interpretation of the prompt.To those participating in the daily prompt, use “ragtag daily prompt”, “RDP”, and “vintage” as tags so your posts are easily accessible to fellow bloggers. For those contributing photos, use “weekly photo challenge” in addition to the other three prompts.Pingback your posts to this page or copy-paste your links in the comment…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Like a ghost caught on camera

Out walking with Alex the other evening, he spied a rabbit and asked me to take a picture. It’s cute, but I’m more interested in the strange light shining on the house next door. Yes, the sun was going down and that’s a west-facing wall, but the two houses are the same size in depth. Weird.

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