Iain Kelly

‘A shoe shop?’ She was incredulous. ‘They had to actually go out to find shoes that fitted, try them on and buy them?’

‘Yes. Some women adored doing it, had collections of hundreds of pairs. The same with clothes, bags, jewellery.’

‘I do like the red shoes she is wearing,’ my daughter mused. ‘Can I scan them?’

I shrugged acquiescence.

She passed her smartwatch over the shoes. ‘I can print them out when I get home and wear them for my virtual date tonight.’

‘Wait, what virtual date? Who with?’ She hurried off to the next part of the Museum of the 21st Century, pretending not to hear me.

At least she was learning, looking at something other than the screens she spent her life in front of.

My wife approached, catching up with us having enjoyed the Fashion Hall exhibit. ‘You remember when you took me to the shoe…

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