King of Spades by Ever Eden



The first book in a series of high-action, conspiracy sci-fi thrillers following Agent Cleo Darkrose, a lethal female agent working for a secret organisation who puppeteers the world from the shadows.

MDS train their elite agents at an unclassified installation in the desert. Agent Cleo Darkrose is lethal.

Orders are to neutralise some conspiracy theorist planning a devastating terrorist attack on The Outside. But there’s a catch; this ‘patriot‘ used to be one of theirs and her superior wants his family for safe-keeping.

Between hunting her target and working with a hastily dumped ex-lover, Cleo is running out of time, trying to keep her flawless success record while her shadowy world fragments.

5 Star Amazon Review by YR Lewis

Action immediately graces the first page, drawing you into a story of deceit and misuse of power.
Dangers unravel, and secrets are revealed cautiously leaving you guessing to…

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