Apple Cider Vinegar Formulas

Good Witches Homestead

The Quintessential Symbol of Fall, The apple lends itself to a tasty vinegar that’s become a staple base for herb tonics. By improving digestion to combating allergies, these “ACV” formulas give the body a {delicious} boost.

An Apple Falls from the Tree

The first recorded mention of vinegar date back to 5,000 BCE in Babylon and 3,000 BCE in China. People used vinegar both as a food and as a preservative for perishables, much like we do today, but they also believed it was capable of some pretty unbelievable things. Legend has it that Hannibal the Conqueror dissolved limestone boulders using a combination of fire and vinegar on his march over the Alps to attack Rome. In 400 BCE, Hippocrates suggested vinegar as an antiseptic to treat wounds and prescribed formulas made with vinegar and honey, our modern day oxymels. These oxymels have remained in use throughout history with…

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