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Have you heard the great cry? The popularity of real estate investing is exploding. Several factors are responsible for its widespread appeal. There’s the high disposable incomes of many Americans, plus the technology to link up with people across the nation, coupled with a surge of interest in achieving financial freedom—just to name a few.…

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BBQ Pork Pizza

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

The other day when Chef Larry smoked all of his meats, he made enough to feed a small army (usually my job.  I guess I have trained him well).  The Smoker of Meats  We all enjoyed as much as our tummies could hold on the day he smoked everything, but what were we going to do with all the rest.  We sent a large care package home with Janet and Bob, we froze the beef brisket, and we still had the pork leftover to do something interesting with.  Once again, it is a small world, and through my blogger’s connections, I was inspired to make a BBQ pork pizza by fellow blogger and blogging friend, Gail at Gail’s Snapshotsincursive@gaildorna.  I was contemplating what I wanted to make, and I read Gail’s blog on her version of BBQ pork pizza, and everything just clicked and came together for me. …

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