How to deal with your pain?

A Better Man

It’s clear that we should try to alleviate other people’s pain – but what should we do about our own pain? One answer is to channel it into our passions.

Someone who did that to great effect was the rapper Eminem. Growing up in a poor family in a trailer park, he suffered many tribulations, which continued into his young adulthood with a slew of familial betrayals and bad jobs.

However, rather than stewing in his troubles, he used them as grist for his creative mill – transforming them into material for the rap lyrics that would eventually propel him from underground rap battles in Detroit to worldwide superstardom, with 220 million record sales under his belt.

Imagine you’ve sparked your burning desire and identified the talent that represents your calling. Mission accomplished, right?

Well, not quite. You’ve ignited your inner fire, but now you need to keep fueling it…

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