Travel Journal Ideas and Tips

An excellent way to remember everything you’ve done is to keep a travel journal. This is a journal which is usually devoted to one trip at a time. You’ll write and add mementos and memories into the journal so that you can look back on it with pride and happiness. Plus, you can share your journey with others.


Start with the Planning Phase


The journal should begin the moment you start planning your trip. You can use the journal to plan by writing the things you need to do and then checking off what you completed for the trip. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish on the trip. What do you want to experience, what do you want to learn, and when will you do each activity? 


Write Daily during Your Trip


Once you’re on the trip, don’t miss out writing on any day. Try to find time to write in your journal when the experience is vivid in your mind. You might want to consider taking a recording device with you so you can record your initial thoughts while you’re doing it.


Add Physical Mementos to the Journal


Don’t just add text to your journal – also add color, images, and mementos. For example, save your tickets, a napkin from a restaurant, or other little things you touched during your trip. You don’t even have to buy anything extra to do this part. 


Remember to Write the Good and the Bad


You don’t want to look back on the trip and see that it’s not written realistically. It’s perfectly okay to talk about what was good and bad about the trip. When you do that, you can plan differently next time. Maybe you learned that you need new shoes if you’re going to walk that much? It’s a good thing to write down.


Write What You’d Do Differently


If you ever go back to that travel destination, what would you do now that you’ve done it once? Would you change what you chose to do to something else? 


Mention What Disappointed You and What Thrilled You


Talk about the things that were disappointments. Were the people nice or rude? Did the train smell like excrement? That might seem like a strange thing to write, but it will help you remember even more. Also, did something unexpected happen that thrilled you and excited you? 


State What You Learned from Each Day


Add some facts that you are learning about your destination, the people you met, the people you traveled with, and yourself. For example, did you learn that you love people watching when you didn’t know you did? Did you discover a historical fact previously unknown? 


When It’s Over, Finish by Writing a Last Reflective Entry


After the trip is over, take the time to write one last entry where you reflect finally again on everything you learned about the trip. Take about what it was like, what you learned, what surprised you, and so forth. Name the thing you’d do again and the thing you’d not do again, plus something you’d do next time. 


A travel journal will improve your memory of the event. You’ll retain more information and – believe it or not – it’ll help you make the next trip even better. Use these tips if you want to get the most out of your travel journaling now and in the future. 


6 Tips to Help You Talk to Strangers

lf you feel like you’re naturally shy but you want to talk to a stranger, it can be difficult to think about how you’re going to do it or what excuse to use. Even the thought of opening your mouth to say something to somebody you’re not familiar with can be very daunting, so here are some tips to help you make conversation with strangers. 


  1. Smile and say hello

Sometimes it’s as simple as smiling and saying hello. To most people, this will send across the message that you want to make conversation and that you are open. If they choose to ignore this, it’s clear that they don’t want a conversation, so it’s time to move on. 

2. Imagine they are a friend 

The more you think about the fact that you’ve never spoken to them before and you don’t know them at all, the scarier it will become when you think about making a conversation. Imagine they’re a friend you haven’t met yet, and imagine the situation turning out positively. 


3. Forget about what other people think 

The main reason we choose not to do many things in life is because we’re worried about what other will think about it. The fear of embarrassment is one of the greatest fears that we experience in society, but once you get rid of this, you’ll be able to achieve a lot more. 

4. Find something to talk about 

This could be something such as, ‘Excuse me, I really like your shoes, where did you get them from?’ or ‘Do you mind if I pet your dog?’ You don’t need to have anything particularly special to say, and it will be quite clear whether the other person is happy to continue the conversation or would rather get away. 

5. Ask open questions

If you want to start a proper conversation with a stranger, you should ask an open question rather than a closed one. An open question is one which cannot be answered with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This forces the stranger to either completely ignore you (most people won’t do this for fear of seeming rude) or give a longer answer, thus initiating further conversation. 


6. Know when to stop

If you see the person regularly and you want to speak to them again, don’t scare them off by being too full-on at first. Rather than talking and talking about yourself, ask questions about them but don’t be too intimidating. Know when to stop the conversation and walk away. 


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Your Daily Word Prompt – Aspect – November 5, 2019

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