Generating Ideas As A Process

So, do you want to come up with some really great, game changing ideas? Well, then you better be ready to put in some time and effort. Nothing worthwhile comes without some labor, and a great idea is no different. While most people think of creativity as sort of an instantaneous thing, nothing could be further from the truth. You see, idea generation is a process. You have to practice at having ideas in order to develop the facility to get to the good ideas. In a way, it’s coming up with good ideas is like learning to throw a fifty yard pass or hit a two hundred yard tee shot. Once you learn the techniques involved and get into a daily habit of using them, you will begin to become an idea assembly line.

One of the first things you have to learn is to always be open and self-confident. You need to be open because of all the influences and other ideas you can pick up simply from expanding your horizons a bit and seeing how the other half lives. You need to be self-confident because you will never get anywhere if you are ill at ease and unsure of yourself. How will you promote your great idea if you don’t think you’re great as well?

It’s also helpful if your pick a certain time each day to generate ideas. It doesn’t matter what part of the day you choose, just so you’re consistent. Keep in mind, that several studies have shown that people tend to be more creative when their tired. This occurs because tiredness tends to turn off the parts of the brain that control attention and mental focus. This results in thought processes that are a bit fuzzy and unfocused. When your thinking is slightly off kilter, you are more likely to make connections between things that you would not connect when well rested. Very often, these odd, disparate connections are the ones that result in game changing ideas.

On a similar subject, try to ideate when you’re taking a shower. When you shower, your brain goes into auto-pilot mode. You really don’t have to think about washing yourself because you do it all the time. This means that, once again, the parts of the brain that control attention and mental focus take a break. You enter into a sort of semi-meditative state that allows you to connect different concepts together in new ways. The result can be you shouting “Eureka!”, just don’t slip on the soap. 

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