Mixed Vegetable Pizza — Chefs Nectar

Pizza Italia no one of the thin crust pizza with exotic greens and mixed cheese 6 servings as per your slices For the gluten-free dough; Ingredients; Quantity; Refined flour 270g baking powder 2 tsps Full fat Greek yogurt 300g Extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsps Salt 1 tsp Water Few tbsps You can make it […]Continue reading “Mixed Vegetable Pizza — Chefs Nectar”

Broad Bean Pods — Back Yard Farmer

With temperatures rising and with possible water shortages looming we have to waste less food. What is viewed as food in today’s supermarket shopping culture is a good question. If you have your own garden and you don’t use insecticides, econdary harvests like beetroot and carrot tops, pumpkin and radish leaves and nettles are nutritious […]Continue reading “Broad Bean Pods — Back Yard Farmer”

Simple Vegan Lasagna — Easy Tivoni

Lasagna. A dish I’ve loved since I found out about it’s existence. When I went vegan, it was difficult to replace certain ingredients with a healthy alternative when I wasn’t sure what to use. At this point, I’ve put together an excellent lasagna, and it’s only fair that I share my recipe. Keep in mind […]Continue reading “Simple Vegan Lasagna — Easy Tivoni”

Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce [Kinda Classic, Kinda Not] — Sprinkled with Pepper

It’s 2020. 2020 is full of big things: – Kaykay & I travel to Nigeria (my first time going) – Kaykay starts residency – My brother is getting married – My sister & her husband move back to Houston from New Jersey I’m so excited for all the big things happening, and of course, everything […]Continue reading “Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce [Kinda Classic, Kinda Not] — Sprinkled with Pepper”

Here are all the details you need — Archynetys

Instead of clinging to this news for CES next week, Samsung chose to announce the Galaxy S10 Lite Y Galaxy Note 10 Lite This morning through a press release, I guess it makes our lives a little easier. Samsung provided all the specifications and what makes these phones unique compared to existing Galaxy devices, so… viaContinue reading “Here are all the details you need — Archynetys”

Scientific Benefits of Breathing — Be Inspired..!!

Breathing is the single most important act that we do every day. We cannot go even 3 minutes without breathing. However, we do not pay much attention to breathing since it happens automatically. There is a lot more to breath than we know. In particular, it is a powerful way to control the mind. We […]Continue reading “Scientific Benefits of Breathing — Be Inspired..!!”

Emily Rogers: Nintendo has two more Wii U ports coming to Switch — My Nintendo News

Known Nintendo insider and blogger Emily Rogers has stated on the Reset Era forums that she’s aware Nintendo has two unannounced Wii U ports in development for the Nintendo Switch. You can guess which they are. She also says in the same thread that Nintendo will be focussing on Animal Crossing: New Horizons this first […]Continue reading “Emily Rogers: Nintendo has two more Wii U ports coming to Switch — My Nintendo News”


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