New Mexico Inspired Meatballs (Albondiga con Salsa) — An Inspired Cook

I haven’t made meatballs in the longest time. They were one of Cameron’s favorite things to eat. I used to make a big batch and package them in single serve bags that he could pull out for a quick meatball sub or add to his favorite pasta. These meatballs are much different than any I’ve […]Continue reading “New Mexico Inspired Meatballs (Albondiga con Salsa) — An Inspired Cook”

Small Batch Skillet Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie —

Today I gave in to this Skillet Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie. I had been trying to fight it and ignore it not working at all. It just kept on bugging me and the more that I fight it, the more that I want it. Even worst, I wasn’t getting any satisfaction in most of […]Continue reading “Small Batch Skillet Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie —”

This closed cabinet contains the answer to one of the most important questions in particle physics — Archynetys

The closet door hides the reading. of a secret clock system.Photo: Ryan F. Mandelbaum A 50-foot ring topped with white insulation is connected to wires, pipes and other electrical components in a warehouse on the North Illinois campus of Fermilab. Scientists who take data with this device have the potential to shake the field of… viaContinue reading “This closed cabinet contains the answer to one of the most important questions in particle physics — Archynetys”

Detroit Hummer Drink — In Dianes Kitchen

Have you ever been to Detroit and tried the Hummer? It is a drink made with Kahlua, ice cream, rum, ice and topped with whipped cream and a cherry on top. According to this boozy drink was created by Jerome Adams in 1968 at Detroit’s Bayview Yacht Club. The Hummer has become legendary among […]Continue reading “Detroit Hummer Drink — In Dianes Kitchen”

Mozart Requiem in D minor — © blogfactory

the unknown Mozart After the Italian tours, Mozart returned to Salzburg and began composing for the court of its new ruler, Prince-Archbishop Hieronymus von Colloredo, but the work was unchallenging. In 1778, Mozart’s ever-ambitious father sent him to Paris with an order to “put yourself in the company of the great.” But now, Mozart wasContinue reading “Mozart Requiem in D minor — © blogfactory”

Celebrate #Maine2020 through Poetry — Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

Happy Birthday Maine! Did you know? Maine (nicknamed The Pine Tree State) was initially a province of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In fact, it was decades after the American Revolution before Maine gained official statehood. The Eastern white pine tree helped fuel the region’s economy in an era when shipbuilding and lumbering reigned supreme. The […]Continue reading “Celebrate #Maine2020 through Poetry — Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author”

— © blogfactory

Breaking News: China ordered the suspension of tours abroad after 15 new coronavirus deaths in Wuhan. President Xi Jinping warned of an “accelerating” crisis China Orders Travel Agencies to Suspend Tours to Contain Virus Outbreak. China has ordered all travel agencies to suspend sales of domestic and international tours as part of an effort toContinue reading “— © blogfactory”


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