Procrastination or Productivity? — A Purpose-driven achiever

————————————————————————————————————— Procrastinate: To put off doing something that should be done straight away, especially habitually or to an unspecified time. (Chambers 21st Century Dictionary) Procrastinate: Defer action, be dilatory. (The Oxford Illustrated Dictionary) Procrastinate: Putting off what you can do today for “tomorrow” (which never comes!), simply because right now: […] via Procrastination or Productivity? —Continue reading “Procrastination or Productivity? — A Purpose-driven achiever”

Post: Mental Rehearsal: Does visualization work? 🙌 — The 3H: health,happiness,healing

Hello everyone! Have a great Sunday What is this concept of mental rehearsal? It is an active visualisation technique through the individual’s mind to demonstrate the performance of a particular task just as the way he wants it to be. By doing it repeatedly, there can be subjective learning and actual performance improvement. Researches in… viaContinue reading “Post: Mental Rehearsal: Does visualization work? 🙌 — The 3H: health,happiness,healing”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Otiose – January 26, 2020

Originally posted on Your Daily Word Prompt:
⇑Click the banner to visit January’s prompt Page ⇑ Today’s Word: Otiose Here is the URL link you can copy to your post:    OTIOSE adjective being at leisure; idle; indolent. ineffective or futile. superfluous or useless. Definition from Make sure to check out the comment…

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