Costume Designer Deborah Cook Created Rich Victorian Looks for ‘Missing Link’ — Variety


Laika’s latest stop-motion feature, “Missing Link,” recently won a Golden Globe for animated film, and picked up an Oscar nomination as well. It’s the story of late Victorian-era Sir Lionel (voiced by Hugh Jackman), who discovers a creature resembling a yeti in the Pacific Northwest (Zach Galifianakis). They travel to the Himalayas with Adelina Fortnight…

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‘Identifying Features’: Film Review — Variety


While U.S. attention in recent years has focused on the supposed hordes of “invading” illegal immigrants seeking to cross the southern border, “Identifying Features” is about a separate but related concern: The alarming if unknowable number of those immigrants who go missing, often robbed, kidnapped and/or killed, before they ever reach our soil. Most of…

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Quick Relationship Tip — Find Your Middle Ground


Its fun to look back and find the right advice on my blog. Enjoy this re-post! Don’t put your “but” in the face of an angry person. Angry people are in a triggered reactive state. The ability to listen or think logically diminishes with the rise of strong emotions. The animal or limbic brain takes […]

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Your Daily Word Prompt – Prestige – January 30, 2020

Your Daily Word Prompt

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Today’s Word:  Prestige

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reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes.
distinction or reputation attaching to a person or thing and thus possessing a cachet for others or for the public:The new discothèque has great prestige with the jet set.


having or showing success, rank, wealth, etc.

a word, phrase, etc.; construct a definition.

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